Tonight’s Snack Discovery


Today I experienced a REVELATION after my gym session.

 (This won’t really be exciting for you unless you’re a fellow type 1 or a fan of healthier alternatives to your sweet tooth cravings!)

Tonight I came home from a really good half hour HIIT workout on the stairmaster, I had steady blood glucose levels before I began but I really put in work and was super sweaty… and so, I hopped in the shower and felt my sugars were a little low as I was shampooing. After stepping out of the shower, I occupied myself with the task of fixing this problem.


My typical emergency bag of quick-hypo-fix

I reached into my handbag and pulled out a new snack instead of my usual quick fix of carbohydrates. Usually I turn to jelly babies if I am desperate (I never usually have bad hypos as much anymore so I basically just carry around the same bag of jelly babies everywhere just in case of emergencies).

Tonight however, I pulled out a fruit yo-yo by We Are Bear, made from 100% fruit, with no added preservatives or unrecognisable ingredients. The fruit yo-yos come in at 54 calories for two, with a whopping 12.6 grams of carbs and no fats!! This is enough to take your low blood sugars back to a normal level, and trust me, it happens quickly and adequately! Plus, they are one of your five a day – what!? I am super happy with my discovery – I have found a healthier alternative to pop in my handbag for those desperate occasions!


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