Feeling Positive and First Gymshark Purchases!

I have been feeling super positive this week and I want to share a little bit of my positivity with you this Friday.

Overall, I have been feeling happy with the progress of my personal goals, I have smashed my workouts, kept on top of my nutrition, eaten delicious home cooked meals, coped with my week at university, and, my head has felt clear when I have been walking home from the gym because I feel okay with everything for the first time in a while. I feel happy with the people I am spending time with and I have mentally conceived of some new goals in order for me to continue this feeling.

On Wednesday, my positivity peaked as I received my first ever Gymshark outfit in the post, after setting alllll my alarms to order the new flex leggings a week ago when they were released. I could not have been more buzzing about these gorgeous clothes. I had told myself for ages – do NOT order any more gym clothes until you get your hands on something from Gymshark! (I have an obsession with buying gym clothes, okay…) I had heard so much hyyyppe about them and I can only say that their clothes deserve all the hype they get!

First of all, the material is so soft and comfortable, and they are completely true to size. I love how they are high waisted and the band doesn’t ride down either unlike some other ‘high waisted’ leggings. The leggings pass the squat test (a must!! if ya know what I’m saying) and the beautiful contours of the flex style accentuate all the good bits and make your legs look flawless. I love the colours and the fabric. If you can’t tell, I basically love them. I am in love. I literally cannot fault these products.

I popped on my outfit and looked in the mirror, and I started to think about body confidence. So, whilst all of the fabric and sizing of these clothes are spot on, the best thing about my new gym outfit is how it makes me feel when I wear it. I feel stronger when I wear it, I feel confident, I feel good. I don’t know what it is about this brand that makes me feel super pumped? I couldn’t wait to step into the gym and smash my first workout in these babies.


 Flex leggings in rich purple marl/soft lilac and serene sports crop top in blackberry – I am wearing size S


I know it shouldn’t take material things to make you feel good about yourself, and there are many things in life that make me feel happy and content: spending time with my favourite people, the phenomenal feeling after an on-fire workout, small moments in my day where I think of how grateful I am to be living the life I am, you know, those little moments that just make you smile. But sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself, and if you’re feeling a little low in motivation like I was last week, then that little drop of positivity might come in the form of a new gym outfit to encourage you to keep smashing your goals. And I adore my new little kick of positivity! Gymshark – you have a new dedicated customer!


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