Healthy Fats

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Some people are under the impression that all fats make you fat. This is absolutely not true.

In fact, some healthy fats actually help you to digest vitamins in your body. Not only this, but adding foods like this to your meal will help to keep you fuller for longer. Try to cut out the saturated fat from your diet and replace it with healthy unsaturated fats. I have listed a few of my favourite fat sources below as an idea.

Avocado: Obsessed. (Look at the pic above – is there anything more satisfactory?) Great source of healthy fats. Turn it into your own guacamole by mixing with lime juice and chilli flakes, top toast with it, pair with eggs, chicken, add to smoothies, basically add it to anything for an extra health kick.

Oily Fish: My favourite fish is salmon, which contains a lot of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which help keep your body healthy, as the fat contained within fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, sardines etc. are linked with healthy hearts.

Coconut Oil: This is great for cooking with: adding a teaspoon to the pan before you cook your pancakes, and goes very nicely with oily fish such as salmon. I also have coconut oil in a lower calorie spray form to use for this purpose.

Chia Seeds: A small amount of healthy fats to top off oatmeal or add to yogurt to benefit your body, as a source of fats and also containing a good amount of fibre as well!

Nuts: Nuts such as almonds and walnuts contain healthy fats to keep your heart healthy. Nuts are a great on the go snack to grab on a busy day, or reach for when you’re craving something. Just remember not to go overboard with nuts as the calories can add up very quickly – get to know your portion size and exercise control.

Egg Yolks: One egg yolk contains around 5g of healthy fats, where as the protein lies all in the egg whites. Eggs paired with avocado is one of my favourite combinations, great healthy fats that leave me feeling satisfied and full for a long time. And if you slice your avocado perfectly in half and get that gorgeous runny yolk, is there anything more satisfying?

Remember – HEALTHY FATS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Adding good sources of unsaturated healthy fats into your diet will supply your body with loads of health benefits and leave you feeling much more satisfied when you leave the kitchen!


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