Coping with Getting Sick

Getting sick when you’re diabetic can cause a rollercoaster of your blood sugars and it can be super tricky to manage.

Over the past couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling too great at all. Instead of my sugars rocketing as they usually do when I am ill, this time they were dropping rapidly at random points throughout the day with no apparent cause, and I was coping with this as well as the usual symptoms of being ill.

Usually a sickness bug causes my sugars to rise and stay up high no matter what I do. In this situation I know it is important to continue to take correction doses of insulin and test for ketones.

Low blood sugars are more difficult to manage when your doctor tells you not to eat anything other than soup for 48 hours to get rid of your stomach bug. I started panicking: I can’t go without proper food! I can’t not go to the gym for several days in a row!

However, I coped (of course!) I side stepped the negative and anxious feelings I was having about not exercising and not eating nutritious food. I took a few days off healthy eating and going to the gym because I needed to make getting back to full health my main priority. This is what mattered most, and of course it didn’t matter than I took a few days off! Life happens, we need to be realistic.

I am now feeling almost back to full health, but am not pushing myself too hard. I have just been incorporating light workouts back into my days and enjoying the Easter weekend of relaxation. I obviously needed a break.

Getting sick is a horrible thing, especially when you’re diabetic and have to cope with your blood sugar levels at the same time. I panicked when I felt myself getting ill because I hate not being able to do all of the things I need to do and follow my routine, but I am only human and this happens sometimes. Getting ill is a part of life that I am still learning how to cope with, with all the different things it can do to my sugar levels and how I need to adapt to this. The only way I can learn and make progress is through experiencing it.

A little time off from exercise/eating 100% healthy when needed will not damage your health (as I have learned over the past week) and you shouldn’t worry about it. In fact, in this situation, it was absolutely necessary to help me start to gain my health back!


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