Five Hypos in One Day

Quick blog update to say that today I have had five hypos so far.

I woke up during the night with a night time hypo (the worst) – shaking and sweating. My body wouldn’t let me sleep because of it (which is super cool because it’s like my body is telling me I need to look after myself). Anyway, this was frustrating because I was trying to get a good sleep before the exam I had today.  But needs must and I got up and had some cereal and made myself feel better, then went back to bed.

When I woke up, my sugar levels were normal. I had breakfast and took the right amount of insulin for the grams of carbs I was eating, and then an hour later at the train station I felt shaky again. This was not cool because I had JUST brushed my teeth and had to have some sugary fruit to bring my sugars back up. We all know that mint and fruit is not a good combo.

Anyway, I felt better and walked around Glasgow a little and suddenly, on arriving at university, I felt low again!! I was so frustrated and ate lunch early.

After my exam, I came home and went for a casual walk as the sun was shining. However, on retuning home I experienced yet another hypo. I took no insulin with my dinner which was chicken, rice and avocado. I should’ve needed insulin for this, however, an hour and a half later, I had yet another hypo without any insulin to combat the carbs in my body.

This doesn’t seem reasonable to me, since I literally cannot think of a single reason why this would happen! Being diabetic is difficult when this sort of thing is possible, and I’ve had days like this before. I think the stress of my exam affected my sugar levels, and this with all of the walking I’ve done today will have lowered them too.

Days like this happen to me, and although I feel frustrated about all the carbs I have to eat to combat this, I make sure I stick to healthier carb sources and that I am not harsh on myself. I can’t punish myself for something that is not my fault.

If this happened recurringly I would lower my twenty-four hour background insulin. However, the number I normally take is perfect for me. This was an off day and I definitely need to take tonight to relax and look after myself!


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