Secret Sugars

Last week I had a sore throat and started thinking about all the usual remedies I would have taken before I was diabetic: a spoonful of honey, sucking on a throat sweet, sipping a lemsip. However, all of these things are very high in sugars, and I hadn’t considered this before. I read the packet of the lemsip to see if I could find out how many grams of carbs were in it, however it didn’t say! It simply read “sucrose” in tiny writing in the corner with no specific amount, and so, an hour later I was feeling worse than I already did because my sugars had rocketed! This made me consider all of the different names for sugar (there are around 60 different names) that people might not know about.

Here is a little list of other names for sugar to be aware of:

– Sucrose

– Fructose (found in fruit)

– Agave nectar/honey/syrup

– Molasses (black treacle)

– Dextrose

– Glucose

– Lactose (found in milk)

– Maltose

(This is not a detailed list nor is it informative on how they each are sourced/ how they affect the body, but I find these the most common and want people to be aware there are carbohydrates in fruit, milk and other products we might not otherwise realise! Look for the other names of sugar when you read the packet to avoid unexpected spikes in blood glucose levels.)


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